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Struggling to provide effective feedback to your team? Get my winning feedback model to

implement right now.


Corporate Coaching

Facing challenges and change with staff and stakeholders?

Corporate coachig
Do you have staff who:
  • Won’t cooperate with you

  • Refuse to listen to you

  • White-ant you

  • Are waiting for retirement without performing

  • Have very strong personalities who are difficult

  • Against whom a complaint has been made

  • With performance issues

  • Are bullies

  • Can’t work together

  • Sit on committees who can’t work together

  • Are working in silos

Imagine a workplace where:
  • Staff cooperate and collaborate

  • Staff support each other

  • Staff are truly engaged

  • The elephants in the room can be discussed

  • Staff performance is excellent

  • All stakeholders’ requirements are fulfilled

  • There’s reduced gossip and rumour mongering

Are you giving good feedback?

  • Get the 7 step model for effective feedback. How to structure it, how to deliver it and how to follow through.

We will send the feedback model to your email.


Executive Coaching

Facing challenges in your work life?

Executive Coaching
Finding it difficult to:
  • Manage failure and negative outcomes?

  • Manage frustration?

  • Manage overwhelm and fear?

  • Manage up?

  • Maintain the pace and focus of strategic thinking?

  • Be a good leader ?

  • Influence key people on important issues?

  • Make difficult decisions? 

  • Balance all the demands and stay calm?

  • Keep on top of conflicting priorities?​

  • Make time for the important things?

  • Solve problems of isolation?

Wish that you could:
  • Create better relationships and connection with colleagues

  • Move forward bravely and fearlessly

  • Make a difference where it matters

  • Take action to avoid frustration

  • Make complex easy

  • Focus on being extremely strategic

  • Be less stressed and uptight?

  • Be less reactive

  • Achieve the results and outcomes you dream about Feel like you are getting ahead?

  • Manage day-to-day pressure

  • Manage conflict and difficult situations better?

Facing challenges in communicating with colleagues or in personal relationships?

Conversation Coaching

Conversation coaching

Are you living your values?

  • What are your values?

  • Why does it matter?

  • Learn how you can improve your day-to-day life and lift your performance. 

Thanks! We will send the values quiz to your email

Finding it difficult to:
  • Discuss the elephant in the room

  • Give feedback

  • Hold key people accountable

  • Negotiate a salary increase

  • Ask an awkward favour

  • Discuss relationship issues with your partner

  • Confront a neighbour or a friend

Wish that you could:
  • Say what you need to without damaging the relationship

  • Know when to speak and when to listen

  • Stop laying blame and start being positive

  • The role of feelings: yours and theirs

  • Say what you mean and not leave others to guess

  • Understand what is not being said as well as what is

  • Transform a difficult conversation into a learning conversation

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