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Coaching Circles meet as small groups once or twice a month, every month, for three, six or twelve months. The Coaching Circle is exactly what you need if you’re ready to start focusing on what you really want and are finally prepared to do something about it. Group coaching will maximise your dollar, your time, and your energy.

Group Coaching:

  • Is grounded in core coaching competencies such as goal setting, taking action, developing insight and awareness about key issues, and accountability.

  • Provides an intimate coaching space where each member of the group has the opportunity to be coached individually.

  • Provides a synergistic experience of being part of a peer learning process which is grounded in the individual goals of each participant

  • Sparks a firestorm of creativity. When you work in a group you are constantly sharing ideas and gaining additional outside perspective. Sometimes the simplest question can provoke the most informative and collaborative discussion giving insight, ideas, and possible solutions you never would have thought of on your own.

Groups are no larger than 8 people.

The Benefits of Group Coaching

  • Collaboration, Connection, and Community: Some coaching clients may prefer a collaborative group environment where they learn from the insights and contributions of peers, as they do from their own reflections.  Group coaching offers a shared experience through community and there is tremendous value in being supported, cheered on and celebrated by a tight coaching group.

  • High Engagement and Energy in coaching groups is where the magic happens. This is when the enrgy of the group and the support indivual clients recieve from the group lead to accountability, rapid momentum, and ongoing motivation as everyone works towards their goals.

  • Problem solving: Coaching is great for solving complex problems because it guides and supports group members to closely clarify the problems, identify powerful strategies to solve them, and specify relevant and realistic actions to implement those strategies.

You will:

  1. Maintain the focus on your goals with the help of your coach and the support of the group

  2. Be surrounded by other women facing similar challenges

  3. Learn new goal-setting, action planning and stress management techniques

  4. Be motivated by coaching and group support

  5. Brainstorm solutions in a group environment

  6. Create accountability so your action list is completed

  7. Benefit from the perspective of others.

  8. Hit milestones and see measurable results as you progress toward your big goal.

Further Benefits:

  • Cost: group coaching programs are offered at a lower cost than 1-on-1 coaching

  • Out of the limelight: For clients who are more introverted, the peer learning process may feel less on the spot and provide more time for reflection and articulation of their insights.

  • Deep networking: Because members count on each other, they feel free to share their needs, open and honest feedback, and useful and practical resources with each other.

The Group Coaching Process

In the lead up to my group coaching programs, I hold pre-program phone conversations/zoom meetings with each group member. I use this call to explore any questions they may have, as well as to learn more about them, find out what brought them to the program and learn about their goals and success measures for our work together. The first group coaching session will confirm the theme areas the coaching will look at as well as expectations.

Examples of the sorts of groups that are formed:

Example #1: A three month bi-weekly group coaching program for women exploring work life issues
Example #2: Group coaching for new managers as a follow-on to leadership training, with conversations occurring monthly over a year.
Example #3: A three month bi-weekly program offered virtually (by phone) for business owners, with a mix of small group and individual coaching calls.

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