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Do you want to be sublimely confident in your interview?
Do you want the answers to roll off your tongue?
Do you want to practise being put on the spot so you can master your responses before your interview?

Acing an interview requires serious preparation. The preparation needs to be such that you have managed your tendency to be nervous in the interview and are capable of being at ease in the interview room. You also need to be comfortable and confident in discussing why you are the perfect candidate for the position. Interviewing is a skill in and of itself, one in which your ability to interact with the interviewer and to articulate your thoughts are factors that are just as important in getting the job as are the qualifications listed on your resume.

Is Interview Coaching for you? 

Interview Preparation

  • PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: Take time to practice your
    responses to the most frequently asked interview questions.

  • PREPARE IN ADVANCE: Interviews are less stressful if you get
    ready ahead of time, and figure out what you're going to wear, and where you need to be.

  • WINGING IT IS NEVER WORTH IT: Not only will your
    interviewer see right through it, but your answers and your 
    self-confidence will seriously suffer if you neglect to prepare adequately

Crucial Preparation involves:

  • Reading and analysing the position description focusing on the essential requirements and responsibilities, in order to tailor your answers and to be able to concentrate on the most important aspects of the position

  • Reviewing your resume and cover letter to review how you pitched yourself in the first place

  • Researching the organisation looking into their history, mission and values and recent projects

  • Researching potential interview questions specific to the position and the industry.

  • Drawing up a list of possible questions

  • Drawing up a list of written answers

  • Working with your coach to role play, your answers to these questions recalling specific examples from your work experience, such as major accomplishments, challenges, or milestones that will serve as anecdotes to
    strengthen your responses

  • Incorporating changes and role play until you are clear what your responses are, you don’t fall over your words and you no longer feel nervous.

  • You don't need to memorize your answers, but you should know what you're going to say so you're not put on the spot. Your responses will be stronger if you prepare in advance.

  • Know what to expect during the interview and have a sense of what you want to focus on.

Meet Virginia as an Interview Coach  

Our coaching program will consist of...

  • 4 x coaching sessions

  • Discussion about new position

  • Coach reviews advertisement/position description

  • Coach reviews CV

  • Skills audit in relation to positon

  • Coach works with client to prepare interview questions

  • Client prepares written answers

  • Role-play the interview process, incorporate any changes and role play until you are confident and the words roll off your tongue

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