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Catherine Gallagher

Head of Marketing

Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority

Brave Women's Coaching worked with my team when there were some tensions amongst the group. Using the DISC program she guided  the team through the behavioural types and then using engaging and non-confrontational role play exercises she managed to get the team to gain far greater insight into why and how each member of the team acted and reacted to situations in the way they did. I was amazed at the transformation and how quickly the barriers between members came down. Post-training we had a far more cohesive and understanding group dynamic and happier work place. 


Dr Michael Cohen


City People

I worked with Brave Women's Coaching when I was struggling to reconcile the erratic winds of executive direction within government with my own vocation and the work of my team.

The best thing in the process for me was that Virginia put me first.  She understands that to get the most out of a team, everyone has to be working in their power. I got some great tools that helped me to stay in dialogue with my director even when all seemed like a kind of craziness.

The end result was that we all increased our trust and honesty in the workplace. It was a great outcome.


Natasha Galea

Senior Executive

Creative RPS | Australia Asia Pacific

Brave Women's Coaching helped me prepare for the rigorous process of internal promotion from Senior Manager to Senior executive within a professional services consultancy. Initially I was not feeling 100% confident, lacked focus and was concerned that the investment required may not yield my desired end result.

Virginia was my confidential sounding board who encouraged me, assisted me to find my authentic voice and developed my confidence, enabling me to envision my preferred end-game. Her support and advice made it possible to engage with the process with confidence and to ultimately to be promoted.

I feel professionally empowered and energised at the career opportunities now ahead of me.

Natasha Galea.JPG

Charmaine Belfanti


I made significant progress in my work and thinking as a result of coaching with Brave Women's Coaching. I was confused about my career and direction when I commenced. Brave Women's Coaching assisted me to find clarity in my direction and encouraged me to pursue my challenges. Virginia has a positive approach and always validated my thoughts, however small I felt they were.


I would, and have, recommended Virginia as a professional coach. I found the experience extremely valuable and looked forward to each session.

Joanne Thompson

I would like to thank you for all of your support and kindness in providing coaching for me personally and for my business, Awakening Lotus.

Over the past year and a half since I have known you, you have provided a professional, supportive, courteous and friendly service.

I have found that the work that we did during our 11 sessions was invaluable and led me to what I believe, are the greatest decisions I have made in my entire life. The goals that we set motivated me to achieve great things. The clarity that came from our sessions assisted me in being proactive and changed my life for the better.

If you’re feeling challenged or stuck in any area of your life, get in touch to arrange a free conversation to discuss how I may be able to assist you in your health, work or personal life, so you can feel more energetic, more confident, more engaged to enjoy your life more and perform at your best.

Thanks! Message sent.

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