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Do you want engaged, productive staff, truly committed to the organisation and their work?



Only $49.97

76 pages of brilliant information & worksheets

Make Mentoring an integral part of your employee development. Companies and individuals who are involved in good mentoring programs see very real and tangible results; results like increased engagement, increased satisfaction, and increased diversity.

The Mentor Manual provides you with everything to run an extremely results focused program. All you need to do is follow the steps in the Manual and work the worksheets.​

Running an inhouse mentoring program will raise employee engagement and development like nothing else. Run it yourself with my Mentoring Manual to create a program with solid results – plenty of bang for your buck.


Mentoring is a proven approach to accelerate leadership and employee development while increasing retention, engagement and productivity. Organisations are tackling some of their biggest workforce challenges with mentoring programs designed to produce impactful results within their employee pool and throughout their organization’s overall success.  

Mentoring is an invaluable people program.

  • Invest in your people

  • Measure your outcomes

  • Create real change for both employees and the organisation.

The Mentoring Manual takes you through the steps of establishing a mentoring program in an extremely concise and clear manner. The Manual includes all the worksheets you will need to run an excellent program.

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76 pages of
great information
& worksheets

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